Perfect office

Your office is a prism through which changes in the economy and the labour market can be observed. Modern office solutions respond to the ever-changing needs, both of employers and employees.


For employers, a modern office is a tool for improving business productivity - if employees feel more comfortable in the workplace, their performance grows. In this respect, a fundamental aspect is the right interior design that will provide both good daylight as well as the right mood in the office. In modern offices, light colours with bright focal points are now predominant as they are meant to stimulate the mind.


Another contributor to higher performance is office layout. Some time ago Poland has been revolutionized in this area: from cramped offices to roomy open spaces. This solution has its strengths and weaknesses. One study shows that the efficiency of working in the open space system is higher than in office rooms, while other studies indicate staff's dissatisfaction with this type of office. The main complaint is the inability to focus. You can, however, minimize the weaker side of open office space by introducing quiet rooms or using conference halls. The concept that is gaining an increasing number of supporters is open space with hot desks - without assigned space for the employee. To occupy the best place, office workers are less likely to be late.


The modern office employs latest technological developments, but today work environment research is as important as optical fibres and modern processors. It has two main goals: to make the employee feel good at the workplace, and to adapt the company's space to its organizational structure and its nature, so as to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of available resources. For this purpose, information flows and contacts between departments are explored, as well as workplace-related surveys are filled in by employees. Such solutions are still rare in our country, however they are expected to quickly gain popularity.

Generation Y

The office is not just a place where employees work for their employer. It can also be a bargaining chip when looking for new employees. This is particularly evident today in Poland, where the situation on the labour market has changed considerably in the last few years in favour of job-seekers. This phenomenon is intensified by the successive entering of the labour market by generation Y, who value not only interesting work, but also work in interesting surroundings. The leading edge of interior design is dominated by international IT companies and marketing companies.


What is the future of offices? Will they be ousted by the increasingly popular home office? We don't know. But we can help you find the office with the right layout and standard, where, with the help of architects and interior designers, the ideal space for your employees will be created.


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