Defining your requirements

The first step in finding an office is to determine the criteria of the space you are looking for. In addition to the basic criteria, such as amount of the rent and location, there are also many additional specifications to be taken into account.


Most office buildings like to sign agreements for 5 years. In cases where such a period may seem too long, it is possible to negotiate a shorter term, e.g. 3 years, or an agreement with a so-called "break option", permitting termination of the lease, for example, 2 years before the end of a 5-year agreement. However, you have to be aware that by deciding to sign a shorter agreement, you will not get as good a deal as with a 5-year contract as the owner may, for example, reduce the budget for space conversion.


As our agency remains in constant contact with office building operators, we have a complete picture of the market situation. For example, a large tenant may be leaving a selected building and the offered rental terms may be much more attractive than normally.


Rent rates in the various districts of Warsaw can range from EUR 12 to 24 per sq.m, therefore location is closely related to the available budget. Another factor that influences location selection are the preferences of the company's employees as research shows that commuting comfort is an increasingly important factor in choosing a workplace.


To determine the required office space, you need to consider what your company will look like in the next few years. Knowing your maximum needs and using the available floor space calculators, you can easily calculate how much floorage you actually need. You must remember though that the final verification of office layout takes place at the stage of preparing the space plans, and the total rental space will be increased by add-on factors, increasing the final amount of monthly rent.

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The search begins

With your needs defined, you may now begin looking for your perfect office space.

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