No intermediaries?

Moving office is a multi-stage process that can take anywhere from a few to a dozen or so months, depending on the size of the space you are looking for. Identifying your needs, reviewing the market, selecting available options, and then setting and negotiating rental terms and adjusting the space, is just a general outline of this process.

A search that starts well in advance will allow you to seize the best opportunities and hold successful negotiations. For smaller offices, up to 500 sq.m, we recommend a head start of a minimum of 6 months, while for larger space it would be safe to start the process a year or even a year and a half earlier.

No intermediaries? Is it really worth it?

You may, of course, find the office space and negotiate a lease on your own. Remember, however, that such an agreement binds your company to the chosen location for a certain period of time, and any mistake made at the selection stage will weigh heavily and limit your business for a number of years.

When looking for an office independently, you may miss many of the options available or disregard some of the important terms of rental. With professional help, on the other hand, your market research will be complete to select the best options available that meet your predefined criteria. And let's not forget the time savings that can be better spent on developing your own business.


When deciding to get the assistance of a professional advisor, you face a dilemma: who do you choose? Who do I trust? When choosing an advisor to find a new location for your company, you should first make sure you are dealing with the right specialist. On the one hand, you may find yourself in the hands of individuals or smaller companies who, after deregulation of the profession of intermediary and abolishment of licensing, try to deal with every type of real estate, from flats and land to commercial premises and properties.

On the other hand, real estate advisory services are offered by multinational companies, which, due to providing comprehensive real estate services, are often contractually bound to exclusively represent certain office buildings, which, of course, forces them to promote some more than other.

To be sure that you are getting a reliable service, you should look for a company with many years of experience and a dedicated department specializing in commercial real estate, and make sure that their search will be 100% guided by your interests.


Customarily, in the professional office building rental market, no fee is charged from the tenant. All costs of intermediation are covered by the owner of the office building. Professional real estate advisors work with all office building owners and have certain predetermined fee policies. Therefore, when deciding to work with a professional advisor, you will not incur any costs.


As we have already mentioned, there are many entities that provide better or worse intermediary services in the commercial real estate market. In the case of complex processes, you should choose a single partner who will lead you through the process and represent you in contacts with selected property owners.

By signing an exclusive representation agreement, customers may be offered additional architectural and technical assistance from some advisors at the stage of office design and subsequent acceptance inspections, as well as legal support in negotiating and signing the lease.


The success of every project depends on getting the appropriate team of experts on board. By deciding to work with a professional partner, you are provided with tremendous support at no additional cost.

You are more than welcome to read our offer and please do not hesitate to contact us.

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