The search begins

With your needs defined, you may now begin looking for your perfect office space.


In order to make an initial selection of offers, you need to check which office buildings offer the space you are looking for. Since there are probably dozens of office buildings in your chosen area, it is best to use one of the tools available on the market (if you are looking independently; if you are looking with the intermediation of a real property agency, all work is done by our agents, using their databases and information).


Most of the available online solutions are geared towards presenting the offerings of individual agencies, rather than presenting the availability of space as such. Therefore, we encourage you to use the search tool available on our portal, where searching for available office space takes only a few seconds and allows you to quickly verify which properties are really worth considering.


The market situation is extremely dynamic and the final verification of available space requires e-mail or telephone contact with the operator of the building. This process is tedious and can be very time-consuming for a person who has never dealt with space rental before.

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Pre-selection of offers

Once potential office buildings have been selected, your goal should be to narrow this list down to a few properties with which rental terms negotiations will be conducted.

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